What Makes Us Different

The Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization is unlike any other group conducting a pageant in the State of South Carolina. Back when pageants first started, they were viewed as trivial events whose interpretation required no scholarly effort. Miss South Carolina has made an effort to ensure that it does not appear as a “stereotypical” pageant. The competition emphasizes the different aspects of the young women and highlights their personal successes. We strive to give these young women the opportunity to rise to the top. Pageant participants return to their hometowns and promote community involvement.

Another goal of the Miss South Carolina Pageant is promoting self-esteem of the candidates. The young women that compete feel a sense of belonging with the other candidates, and the larger pageant community. The skills learned in the Miss South Carolina and Miss South Carolina Teen Pageants have been said to last a lifetime. Candidates gain the ability to speak in public and have a sense of confidence in themselves.

“There she is, Miss America…” No more iconic words have been spoken. The Miss America Pageant has been the dream of many young women for over ninety years. It has been about a dream of being beautiful and successful. The Miss America Pageant is one of the most recognizable brands in modern American history.

From its signature font to the winner’s crown and sash, the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization is committed to representing the Miss America brand with service, scholarship, success and style.

Miss South Carolina and Miss America paint a vivid picture of the changing ambitions of their candidates. Miss America is a powerful cultural institution that continues to reveal a lot about our changing nation. But, beyond the symbolism lies the human stories. These stories speak of the changing position of women in society and how the pageant has been a road to personal and professional success.

The Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization has created a relevant, forward-thinking public program based upon the sense of tradition that makes both Miss South Carolina and Miss America one of the most popular and anticipated events on the state’s cultural calendar.

We are capturing the imagination of the Palmetto State one dream at a time.